Snorkel time: fish watching
I love snorkeling. The underwater world is really another world. I learn so much by watching fish and the way water moves, while underwater. I highly recommend it.
A kayak is a vehicle to peace/quiet
While living on the shores of Yellowstone Lake, I enjoyed paddling often - before and after work. It was a true, rare treat. Ahead, you can see the east side of the lake with the Absaroka Mountains in the distance.
Art materials! Soft Pastels
I do most of my art with soft pastels. I love the soft, powdery, pure and vibrant pigments of soft pastels. Yummy color!
Art imitates Life imitates Art
Where do I get inspiration for my art? From life! I love animals, outdoors, sports, science and peaceful observation. There are so many stories to paint. My work is endless.
Framed original - World Trout
Here's what a framed original looks like. This soft pastel was done to be the inaugural image for the world's first International Trout Congress. A limited edition run of art posters was made from this image. The original is available. This one is one of my most favorite paintings I have done. So proud.
I love skate skiing
Skate skiing takes me to breathtaking places, clears my mind and enables me to fly like a bird (at times) on snow. This is a favorite trail near Mt. Hood, Oregon.
Soft pastels up close
One of my favorite mediums - soft pastels.
Montana Folk Festival
I have been a juried artist into the Montana Folk Festival for many years. It is a special treat to see attendees year after year! This special event happens every July in Butte, Montana. It's not to be missed. The music is AMAZING!
Yellowstone-Canyon Guest Artist
Wonderful experience to return to Yellowstone and show and sell my artwork.
Art Show - pop up - in brewery
A special pop-up art show in 406 Brewery, Bozeman. Myself, along with Fisheye Guy (Pat Clayton), held a special art show with a percentage of the funds going towards Trout Unlimited.
Yellowstone General Store - Canyon
My pop-up art gallery inside the Canyon General Store, Yellowstone. I was honored to be a guest artist in the summer time.
Old Faithful General Store - art !
One summer I was so honored to have a pop-up art gallery inside the Old Faithful General Store, Yellowstone National Park.
Art Show in a Brewery
Views of what it's like to be a fly-on-the-wall in an art a brewery! Here's what opening night looked like for an art show featuring Derek DeYoung, Pat Clayton and myself.
Young people fire me up! My fav fans
Young people fire me up. They are some of my all-time favorites and I truly am honored when they are so responsive over my art. Makes my heart so happy. Thank you Gus!
Art fans - start'em young
Thank you, art fans, for inspiring me. Your enthusiasm and sheer joy makes me so happy. I am doing my job right.
Painting BIG
Sometimes I paint big - this acrylic on birch panel is 8 feet long. I nearly always paint while listening to music.
Steelhead Couple - painting & tunes
For my detailed work, I usually plug into some music (I love all kinds) to really focus and channel my inner fish (or whatever I am working on.)
Yellowstone Ranger Naturalist
My Park Ranger Naturalist work directly influenced my art work. I paint to tell the stories I experienced, or that came about because of time outside, observing and learning. My life long dream: to become a Park Ranger Naturalist for Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. As a child I had two goals: to teach about animals as a park ranger and to be a wildlife artist. I am a very lucky person...
Ranger program: Catch & Release
I taught a Yellowstone National Park Ranger Naturalist program: "Fly Fishing for Families" Catch and Release, on the Yellowstone River at Nez Perce Ford.
Fish love starts early
I'm loving fish, early on. Thank you, parents!
Art Show booth indoors
A mini pop-up booth filled with treats! Here's what my MADE Fest booth looked like in Missoula, MT. Thank you all!
Fly fishing the Gallatin River
We are lucky to have many wonderful trout laden rivers in the Gallatin Valley.
At work, Fish focus
Earphones on, final details on the World Trout original. I'm saving the biggest fish for last in this painting for Trout Congress. The Taimen is the largest member of the salmonid family.
Sketching Time: Tetons
Take a break - while on a hike up into Cascade Canyon, pull over and sketch what you see.
Art Show Booth - a mobile gallery
In summer, you may see me at an art festival. I have a 10x10ft booth that I can set up to create a mobile art gallery. I find these art festivals to be so rewarding, because I have the chance to meet my customers in person and can demonstrate my art.
Art Fuel :)
Donuts and coffee hold special places in my heart...
Trail run: Teton Crest Trail
Trail runs up into The Teton Range - time to recharge and get ideas for my next art. My sister is one of my best running partners! The Grand Teton is visible to the right. This is on the Teton Crest Trail.
Trail running in the mountains
A favorite run is up into the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness, Montana.
Teton Crest Trail - favorite place
A favorite place - trails of the Teton Mountain Range. You will see these mountains in my art.
Art runs in my roots
My great grandfather, William Muir, was a commercial illustrator in New England.
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Steelhead Couple - painting & tunes

For my detailed work, I usually plug into some music (I love all kinds) to really focus and channel my inner fish (or whatever I am working on.)