"Victory Garden" OUTDOOR/INDOOR garden sign - weather, water and fade-resistant - printed on corrugated plastic and grommeted, 12x18 inches.  This tough art sign can be hung outside, in your garage or shed, or indoors.  Great for kitchens, kids rooms or classrooms. Also makes a great gift for your favorite gardener. 


This is my newest soft pastel painting that celebrates the self-reliance and joy that comes from planting your own home garden. The victory garden movement started during World War I when Americans were called on to grow food wherever people could; empty lots, backyards, anywhere there was open soil. Twenty million victory gardens were planted during World War II and this supplied over 40% of the nation's fresh vegetables. This idea is back in fashion as we realize the value of self-sufficiency, simplicity, and the empowered feelings that come with adding to one's own health and the health of a community. There are no drawbacks.


Garden Sign, Outdoor/Indoor, "VICTORY GARDEN"

    Mimi Matsuda Art ©
    Mimi Matsuda Bozeman's Choice Winner, '17 Visual Artist

    First Place: Visual Artist

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