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 What People Are Saying 

Kind words from customers and retailers who enjoy Mimi's artwork

Bozeman, Montana

"I love how Mimi Matsuda's art spans from meditative natural beauty to humor that never fails to put a smile on my face, a humor that perfectly captures so much about the American West as those of us who live here recognize it. Matsuda's work has a vibrancy and a liveliness that is hard to find and hard to resist! In my bookshop, her cards are perpetual bestsellers, purchased just as often by locals as by visitors, and it is always delightful to watch someone discover her work for the first time. Matsuda is an original, and her work always brings joy!"












Justin, Rachel, and the crew at the West Yellowstone Fly Shop

West Yellowstone, Montana

"Mimi is an incredibly talented artist, a great friend, and a kindred spirit of ours here at the West Yellowstone Fly Shop.   We’ve known Mimi since the late 90s when she was a Ranger/Naturalist in the park.  We all share a passion for Yellowstone’s incredible landscapes, wild fish, and abundant wildlife.  Mimi’s passion and personality always come through in her artwork, whether it’s a watercolor of Grand Prismatic Spring, a larger than life painting of a Yellowstone cutthroat trout on a pine panel, or a whimsical pastel of a grizzly bear holding up a fly rod and a big brown trout (that he presumably caught on a dry fly).  We are so proud that she makes her art accessible to everyone, no matter how large or small their budget, through her awesome originals, prints, cards, magnets, and more.  We love having her work hanging in the fly shop, and are fortunate to own the first ever pine panel fish series that she created to share with our visitors and clients. Watching people light up when they first see one of her original pine panels never gets old.  Mimi, keep up the great work and we’ll see you next time you are in West!! "











Chance Remien, Creative Director at Clean Slate Group

Bozeman, Montana

"At Clean Slate Group, we work with hundreds of artists around the country and I can honestly say I have not received as much positive feedback about any one artist as I have about Mimi's work. I constantly hear, "Oh you're the ones doing the art on the boxes in Bozeman? I love that one of the bears riding bicycles! That one is my favorite!" 

Whether it is for a city beautification project, donating art for a charity fundraiser, or helping me out with a print as a last minute gift for a friend - Mimi is a joy to work with and an insanely talented artist, I love her work!"


Victor, Idaho

"My husband and I own several pieces of Mimi Matsuda's Bike Lane Art. The brilliant colors and fun spirit of the characters Mimi creates come to life and add wonderful energy to my home. I plan to add more of Mimi's art to my collection in the future."











Salem, Massachusetts

"I first saw Mimi Matsuda's gorgeous trout paintings reproduced in the pages of Outside Bozeman magazine several years ago. This past summer, I was excited to have the chance to meet her in person. I bought a print of Trout mandala that day along with a dozen or so notecards depicting her other paintings.  I loved Trout mandala so much that I bought several copies to give as gifts to fly fishing friends. Mimi shipped the prints right out within a few days. They were a very big hit! Mimi is extremely talented and passionate about the outdoors, and it shows in the incredible range of her work. I'm looking forward to owning more of Mimi's art work in the future--perhaps one of her whimsical paintings depicting the "secret lives" of animals or one of her many bird paintings. Mimi's beautiful artwork never fails to bring me joy and remind me of my memorable summer trips to Montana."











Matt & Emily

Helena, Montana

"What’s not to love about Mimi’s art?!   Her style is unique, and stands out from the crowd as truly original.  Each piece shows love and respect for nature while also being a mix of beautiful, colorful, interesting, playful, and even whimsical.  We have her art in nearly every room of our home, and enjoy it all more than words can describe."











Blanchard, Idaho

"Never Four" is home.  I am so pumped and proud to have them here.  
Took a while to unwrap, duh, good job on your end, which
must have been a nightmare to worry into a secure package. Great job you did there too.
I put them over the windows where I can look up at them from the sofa.
Thank you so much for your art and the nice note too.
You are the best.  You can't know how happy they make me feel.
Thank you and more....


...I love your art. It was finding, "Cat's and Release II", in the Museum gift shop in Bozeman that has turned me into a Mimi Matsuda art collector. I'm a very proud owner of five of your originals. Montana Grayling, Grizz, Eagle study, Canada Goose, and my favorite, NeverFour.And countless prints and note cards. Just looking at T-Rex, I can hear him saying, "Look Ma, No Hands."I just today parted with a note card, Cub Club, which I sent to my 3 year old grandson. I'm sure he will love it. Your humor and artistic skills are amazing. Thank you for your art."







Townsend, Montana

"We were introduced to Mimi and her amazing art by our son many years ago!  We have been friends and stayed in close contact ever since.  We presently own and greatly enjoy two of her large original paintings and several smaller prints.  They inspire a lot of conversation with visitors in our home!  Congratulations on your success and thank you for sharing nature with us through your incredible talents!!!"











Fortin Pediatric Specialty Clinic, Billings, MT

"I wanted to take a minute to tell you how popular your art work is in my clinic. Kids and families love it. I give a lot of tours to community groups and interested people. Every single person comments on the fabulous art. Thanks again for your brilliant work!"


Bozeman, Montana

"Mimi's art captures the great beauty, and the playful wildlife in Yellowstone country. We love to share her art with our family, and friends."











Blackfoot, Idaho

 "We are proud collectors of Mimi Matsuda's art. Her works beautifully capture the outdoor Rocky Mountain lifestyle & our passion for Yellowstone. It is an absolute pleasure to know Mimi not only as an artist but, also, as a friend."











Pensacola, Florida

 "I absolutely LOVE my yellowstone spring pastel artwork that Mimi has created. She is a kind spirit and a part of her is now in Pensacola FL. You have a special gift and talent!











Anchorage, Alaska

 "Your art is always inspiring, entertaining, and tugs me back to the wildlife and wild places of the Rockies. Thank you!










MJ - 4 years old

Great Falls, Montana

“I LOVE THIS!” (as he held a notecard of T.rex riding an old fashioned penny farthing bicycle.)










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