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"The Good Earth" Outdoor/indoor vinyl banner, 4x8 ft, 15 oz. weather, water, and fade resistant.  Grommeted with a reinforced hem.  Perfect for schools, classrooms, backyards, gardens, farmstands, etc. 


“This challenging year has shown me that patience can lead to positive changes. In this mural I wanted my bear family to show that focus and determination in a garden can improve your surroundings, remind one that you are part of the natural world, and that by planting a garden you are actively taking part in the growth and flourishing of living things.  Gardens are places where we can work together.  Seeds, soil, water, sunlight, and patience, can change your world.  Some things that grow through the garden experience are joy, self-reliance and the courage to try new things.  A garden can bring all ages together.  It is never too early or too late to start." 




PS* there are not five but seven bears in this painting. You will be able to find the other two in this large reproduction.


The original is an acrylic on wood board. 

This image is available in reproduction.



4x8 ft outdoor/indoor vinyl banner - The Good Earth

SKU: 4x8 outdoor/indoor print
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