Dear Friends,

I wanted to make a special pack of note cards that is easy to buy and will bring you and your friends/family some cheer.  There are 5 assorted note cards with envelopes inside, along with one magnet for you to keep for yourself.  

With this "Bear" pack I'll choose 5 images that are in keeping with the theme, along with a Bear image magnet.  The images you see in the photo are samples and won't necessarily be part of your exact pack. 


Please type in code: HOMESWEETHOME for FREE SHIPPING on this deal. 


For a flat $20, you'll receive the 5 art note cards, that you can send or keep for yourself (awesome, small, bear art :)! ) AND a magnet for your fridge to bring big smiles.  


Sending great cheer to you all during these tough times,





BEAR Note Card Pack & Magnet

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