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"Wildlife, Watching" 10-inch diameter plate made from high quality, food-safe, dishwasher safe melamine.  Please don't use in the microwave.  Melamine lasts a long time, see my example in the photos :) 

This image is of a  classic view in Yellowstone National Park, but with a twist.  Bison is serious with his spotting scope.  Parent grizzly is trying so hard to get wiggly cub to look through the binocs.  Grey wolf is ready to show you where to find the wildlife in Yellowstone. Red fox is always ready to capture some images with her SLR on her neck.  It's a true wildlife, watching experience. 

This image is sure to bring huge smiles to anyone, especially anyone who loves the outdoors, wildlife watching, Yellowstone or the National Parks.   

The original image is a soft pastel on paper.  

These plates make great gifts for friends, yourself or kiddos.  Many folks tell me they are buying them to use in their RV or as gifts. This plate is also great for picky eaters.  Enjoy your meal and a cheerful piece of art.  

"Wildlife, Watching" 10 inch diameter Plate

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