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Bozeman Magazine Favorite Visual Artist

It was such a huge surprise for me to find out I had won a contest I didn't even know I was in. Thank you to the readers who voted for my art. I'm humbled beyond belief. I am in a group of my superhero-artist-family members. All of these artist tribe-

clan members are my heros. Huge respect and admiration to you all.

Here is a very nice piece about my art, written by the editors of the Bozeman Magazine:

Your Choice Local Visual Artist

FIRST PLACE: Mimi Matsuda SECOND PLACE: DG House/Kara Tripp THIRD PLACE: John "Dizmal" Warren/Rachel Pohl Bears (or a T-Rex) on bikes, birds in fishing boats and a yak in a kayak are part of Mimi Matsuda’s Secret Lives of Animals series showcasing her amusing take on regional wildlife. We love Matsuda, a former park ranger naturalist, for her dedication to the world around her and ability to bring animals to life, in whimsical and realistic forms.

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