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A grizzly encounter of the warm and fuzzy kind

Hi friends, greetings to you all as we start the last week in March.

Yesterday we visited Montana Grizzly Encounter, a grizzly bear rescue and education sanctuary in Bozeman, Montana. The center was founded in 2004 and provides a spacious and natural home for rescued grizzlies. All of their bears come from situations where they could not be released in the wild. The center plays a valuable role in educating the public about bears. The educators give round the clock presentations about grizzlies and how humans can watch safely in the wild by avoiding confrontations.

Jake, the 11 year old grizzly born in a Georgia wildlife park. This bear is a pro at relaxing.

Jake has the right idea, relax and soak up that warm sun. It was a long winter.

I believe I heard Jake weighs around 800-900 pounds and stands up around 7.5 feet tall. Magnificent animal!

Bella, at 3 years old. She was found as an abandoned cub at 4 months old in Delta Junction, Alaska. She is thriving at MGE. She's full of vim and vigor and runs around the area, very inquisitive.

Bella and Brutus play in the warm March sunshine. Brutus was born in 2002 at an overcrowded wildlife park. He was raised by Casey and Ami at MGE and is an awesome ambassador and educator for his wild cousins.

The water is free of ice and the bears never miss an opportunity to swim.

Many thanks to the crew at Montana Grizzly Encounter for their tireless passion to care for the grizzlies and educate the public about these mesmerizing bears. The center provides free tours to school groups throughout the year.

I enjoy the opportunity to sit and watch the bears for hours. Every time I go see the bears, I see something different. You are welcome to just sit and observe for as long as you want.

I have done many pieces of my art by watching these bears. I highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.

With great cheer for the new Spring season,


Montana Grizzly Encounter

Admission is:

Adults– 13 and Older $7 Children– 4-12 $5 Seniors– 65+ $6 Under 3– Free

Montana Grizzly Encounter 80 Bozeman Hill Rd. Bozeman, Montana 59715 1.406.586.8893

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