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Blooms of the day: Western Montana, late April

Hi friends! This past weekend I made a quick trip to Missoula, Montana to deliver an art order and had the chance to trail run a local area south of town, near Lolo.

Took a 2.5 hour run along gorgeous trails to find these wildflowers and enjoy the first colors of Spring. To our winter eyes, these first bursts of color are such a huge treat!

Shooting Star is one of the first to bring color to the spring days.

Yellow fritillary, or Yellowbells is a member of the lily family. The small bulbs of this flower were eaten by native people.

The trails of Blue Mountain area, near the Bitterroot River, Montana.

Trillium, found near a clear creek, during our run. Trillium are killed if picked. In Oregon, Michigan and Minnesota it is illegal to pick trilliums.

Pasque flower and ant. Ants are efficient pollinators! "Pasque" is from the original Latin word for Easter, Pascha. You'll likely find these beauties flowering near the holiday, in open rocky slopes or grasslands in the boreal zone of the northern hemisphere.

Next time you are on a trail, take the time to look close and stop and observe. It's a favorite challenge of mine - everytime I go out I like to see what's new. Take your time to see what's happening.

Happy Spring! Don't be afraid to get down on the ground and look for the beauty - it is everywhere.


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