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Art deliveries - road time and trail time

April transitions to May and that's the signal to get art to my people. This past weekend I made a focused trip to deliver art to the South Fork Lodge, on the Snake River, Idaho and Big Sky Anglers in West Yellowstone, Montana. Big Sky Anglers is in preparations getting ready to open up their new store at 39 Madison Ave in West Yellowstone. It's a momentous and exciting combining of positive forces. Joe Moore, Justin Spence and Jonathan Heams are now the fabulous trio of Big Sky Anglers.

After delivering art for South Fork Lodge, which opens soon, I drove to Grand Teton National Park for a quick hike up to Taggart Lake. At the start of the hike I found blooming Spring Beauty and Sage Buttercup.

Higher up I found a frozen Taggart Lake and misty views up Avalanche Canyon.

These lodgepole pines have grown since the Beaver Creek Fire of 1985.

A sweet burst of color, thank you Sage Buttercup.

And on the way back down I found this young moose as the official "spokesmoose" of the park.

Spring is on in Grand Teton, keep watching for the advance of new flowers, colors, young animals and melt water in the canyons.

I so much enjoy checking into my favorite places while delivering art around the west.


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