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Success! Quick Draws and Cocktails 2018

Thank you, Bozeman, for supporting the Arts and Culture!

A warm thank you and high fives to the attendees of this years Quick Draws and Cocktails at the Emerson Center for Arts and Culture.

I had a chance to paint a bird that has been in my mind for years, the Great White Egret. This bird was nearly wiped out due to overharvest, because of their showy plumes (used for ladies hats back in the late 1800s.) Luckily, folks realized the serious impact and conservation of the species helped save this graceful bird. Because of the symbolic story, the National Audubon Society has designated this bird as their symbol. You can save what you love.

Laurel Hatch of Laurel Hatch Studio

Meghan Purcell of

Morena Garcia of Fly Free Jewelry

Sally Horner O'Neill of SOJewelry

Kevin Schwarting of Cold Mountain Art

The finished "Great White Egret" by Mimi Matsuda

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