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Original up for auction - Fundraiser for the Friends of Harriman State Park


18x24 Acrylic on canvas, by Mimi Matsuda

The ORIGINAL "Friendship Bridge" is now up for sale through the Friends of Harriman State Park 's virtual online auction. This is a fundraiser for the park. The auction runs today through September 20 2020, 8:00 pm MDT.

⬇️Place your bid here⬇️

"Harriman State Park in Idaho is a superb gem and very close to my heart. The four characters in this painting were featured in 4 years worth of posters for the Wine in the Woods fundraiser. It's my pleasure to paint them all together, enjoying each other's company. I like the idea of the bridge spanning different communities and groups and how friendships can arise from connecting. Bridges bring people and animals together. Pictured are the old Ranch Bridge and the Teton mountain range is the distance." ~ Mimi

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