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Menagerie of the Imaginary Welcomes You!

Hello Friends!

The Menagerie of the Imaginary is open!

Today was install day at Story Mill Community Park, in Bozeman MT. Fourteen local Bozeman artists were tasked to imagine and build their special imaginary friend to delight and entertain the community. It was fascinating to see the different approaches each person had in imagining and creating their friend.

Woolbert the Woolly Mammoth has a passion for baking pastries and sharing them with friends. I'm filling the Recipe box with some of Woolbert's favorite recipes. Please take one and if you'd like, and share a photo of your cookies with #woolbertsbakery.

You may have wondered why I chose a mini blue woolly mammoth?

Woolly mammoths lived in Montana in the past and what if we had them around today? I imagined a bright blue-furred woolly mammoth with an unusual passion for baking AND the encouragement and support from his parents to "follow your own path and chase your dreams."

It's no easy task to become the best baker you can be without hands.

But Woolbert did it and wants you to be your own unique you.

Story Mill Community Park is populated with the most amazing creatures until the last day of January. Please come and delight in this fantastic display.

Many many thanks to the awesome crew of Random Acts of Silliness who masterminded this magical event. I have used a lot of kilowatt-hours thinking my way through this project. It was a challenge for a 2D artist like myself :)! I realize that children are learning new things every day and that adults don't always have that pace in their lives. I truly appreciated the opportunity to push beyond my comfort zone and to learn a lot of new things.

Now, I challenge you to draw or build your own Imaginary friend. It can be a very absorbing process.

Be well and stay safe, friends,



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