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SLAM - Summer Festival is ON!

Join us August 7th from 11am-7pm at 3 locations to shop with your favorite Montana artists, enjoy some delicious food, and take in some lively art demos.

LOCATIONS: Bogert Park, Story Mansion Park, and the Emerson Lawn


​DATE: August 7th (ONE DAY ONLY)

HOURS: 11am-7pm


Artist Market: AUGUST 7th, 11am-7pm

ARTISTS AT BOGERT PARK Sara Swartz - Glass April Marie Hale - Jewelry Deana Albers - Jewelry Callie Miller - Jewelry Sharie Williamson - Textiles Heather Campbell - Textiles Jeff Keller - 2-D Mimi Matsuda - 2-D I'll be here at Bogert Park :) Liz Chappie Zoller - 2-D Bryan Mackie - Sculpture Denise McKay - Ceramics Lisa Ernst - Ceramics Joe Graham - Woodworking & Furniture Chris Ottey - Woodworking & Furniture ARTISTS AT STORY MANSION PARK Katie Sisum - Glass Matt Saporito - Leather Bill Mendoza - Jewelry Alison Sweeney - Jewelry Bill Mendoza - Jewelry Sarah Medieros - 2-D Courtney Wilky - 2-D Allison Throop - 2-D Nichole Croteau-Baker - Body Products Marty Podolsky - Sculpture Jo Newhall - Ceramics Dante Gambardella - Ceramics Brittany Martishius - Woodworking & Furniture James Rendle - Instruments ARTISTS AT THE EMERSON LAWN Sunny Jaye - Glass Sarah Light - Textiles Morena Garcia - Jewelry Susan Hayes - Jewelry Jennifer McCullough - Jewelry Christine Pentecost - Photography Kara Tripp - 2-D Averi Smith - 2-D Kyle Forsythe - 2-D Kelsey Clarke - Sculpture Marianne Robilotta - Ceramics Bozeman Community Kiln - Ceramics James Muskovich - Woodworking & Furniture Chizuko Olson - Woodworking & Furniture


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