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Bridger Brewing art show - Bozeman, Montana

With the advance of SPRING in the Northern Hemisphere - it is time to celebrate longer days of sunshine and the slow green-up. What a wonderful ski season it has been. Mother Nature never disappoints.

I am so happy to announce that I have an art show up in my favorite brewery, Bridger Brewing, in Bozeman, Montana. The kind crew at Bridger has been crafting delectable beers and food since 2013. They are the epitome of a community-centered business, giving back to local non-profits and sourcing locally produced ingredients for their brews and chews (awesome salads, pizzas and appetizers.)

Please stop in and eat in, or order online and pick up at the brewery. I am so honored to be showing my art in this legendary Bozeman establishment.

Cheers and adventure well, my friends,



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